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about 2 years ago

From Garage to Group

From Garage to Group: How the Francis and Francis Group has become one of the fastest growing talent groups in the UK.

What started as two friends in a garage looking to make their mark in the recruitment industry are now running a global operation.

In August 2012, and at 23 years of age, Ryan O’Hara and Ben Rutter started their first business in Swindon with aspirations to build something different in the talent sector. Now, these two friends have re-launched their global group and are now one of the fastest-growing talent groups in the UK.

The Francis and Francis Group was created in 2018 following the success of their first business. However, now is the time for the group to be given a platform which will support the current talent brands, C4S and Bond. With nearly 100 people across the group, and more brands ready to launch, Francis and Francis Group is firmly focused on the future.

“Our approach is to be continuously looking 2-5 years into the future, and challenge ourselves to do it today.” Says Co-Founder Ben Rutter. “Across the group there is an exciting sense of energy and a deeper obsession that is driving the mission not to conform, but to create the future.”

Co-Founder Ryan O’Hara continues “Our approach is how we have been able to grow so much so far. It has been a major project, aligning the brands under one group, but it enables us to innovate in the industry, and change the game.”

The group are pushing innovation through search, solutions and software, which has contributed to their phenomenal growth.

Businesses are turning to them when looking for talent solutions fit for the future and an alternative to the classic recruitment model.

With the Francis and Francis Group continuing to challenge itself and push boundaries within the talent sector, it’s time to say goodbye old-school, hello future.

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